As I write this message and think about what a journey it has been for my brand, I can’t believe it’s been three years. I’m so grateful to still be here doing what I love and I want to thank you for your support for the culture, the music, and the experience. We wouldn’t be here without you.

I miss being together with all of you last year but after everything we’ve all been through in 2022, we will be a celebration, unlike anything you’ve seen before in the Antelope Valley! For this year’s theme, I wanted to express a vision of everybody coming together into one community. Last AV Summer Fest, we cherished the message of the movement #StrongerTogeter right after Covid. This year we celebrate #EveryoneWins!

How do we win? It’s often difficult to work together with people who don’t see the future like you do. Who don’t have the same values you do. However, I believe it’s important to prioritize kindness to allow ourselves to disconnect from negativity and come together as one in a healing vibration of pure love. 

Life is too short and full of opportunities, I say “why not take a risk.” AV Summer Fest will provide a platform for all the creators in the Antelope Valley to come together as one and express ourselves as we should. There is no need to be divided because together we WIN. 

I invite you to join us and help spread the positive futuristic vibes that this event brings to the Antelope Valley. Everyone is welcome and most importantly everyone is safe here!